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Mill Hill At War - 1914-1919
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1914-1919 Roll Of Honor

Gilbert Sudbury Hall

Service: Army

Date of birth: 28 December 1890

Year of entry to Mill Hill: 1905

House at Mill Hill: Burton Bank

Greenaleigh, Matlock. Born 28th December, 1890. 236, M.H. 1, 1905 to 7, 1908, Burton Bank. Engineer. Cornmissioned 13th December, 1915, R.F.C. Lieut. Served in France. Wounded once. Died 30th November, 1916, at Cambrai, From injuries caused by his aeroplane having been shot down over the enemy lines. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hall. "He was of a most delightful disposition and was at the beginning of a fine career. All with whom he came in contact had a real affection for him." His Commanding Officer wrote:- "He was a most capable and efficient officer, " and he was "much missed by his brother officers."

GS Hall has recently been confirmed as Manfred von Richthofen’s 10th victim. He was shot down and died of wounds sustained in combat in a German Hospital in Cambrai. He was piloting an FE2b of 18 Squadron RFC. His observer 2nd Lt George Doughty was also killed.

GS Hall

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